The Pearl of Balboa Park – San Diego, CA

Construction update

The City of San Diego and the House of Pacific Relations have all agreed to sign off on the beginning of the initial efforts to begin the construction for five new cottages, representing 9 countries.  If you visit the existing Cottages, you will see that the fencing has already gone up to begin construction, however, tickets are needed to access. This is the major first step in completing all the Cottages.  It is anticipated that the completion of all the Cottages will be February 2020.

The House of the Philippines fundraising campaign started in January 2009 and has been successful in raising approximately $300,000 which exceeded our initial goal of $250,000. This includes donations from many individuals, regional clubs, professional  and civic organizations who qualify for the Spirit of Bayanihan Wall of Honor. It should be noted that this does not include the 100+ individuals who have given to our campaign but do not yet qualify for the Wall of Honor.  

However, due to time constraints and the issuing of building permits, all the Cottages have seen an increase of cost toward building all the Cottages.  As a stand alone Cottage, the House of the Philippines projected cost has risen to $535, 000. Consequently, the  fundraising campaign has begun in earnest.  It is our hope that by sharing this information you may enlist your friends and organizations to consider donating to the construction of the House of the Philippines. 

As a reminder, the Recognition Levels are: $25,000 for Sampaguita flower, $10,000 for the Ilang-Ilang flower, $5,000 for the Waling-Waling flower, $1000 for the Gumanela flower and $500 for the Everlasting flower.  In order to increase our opportunity to raise more funds a new level has been established for $2,500.00. We also hope is that those who have already donated may opt to increase their donation to a higher level.  

Please visit us on our website at and on our FACEBOOK page.  Please email us at [email protected] for further information and thank you again for your generosity.  We would be more than happy to send a representative to talk with you about the future of HOP.