New Cottage Construction Update 10.30.2020

The NEW House of the Philippines construction update, Friday, October 30, 2020.Outside, stucco is done and just now have to wait for the pH level to go down before it is painted. Inside, drywall finishing is complete and ready for painting once kitchen cabinets are installed. You will notice two […]

New Cottage Construction Update 10.9.2020

The house was like a beehive this week. A lot of work took place as you can see in these photos. All the windows and the front door frame were completely installed. The insulation on the walls and ceiling were put in place. The outside walls were wrapped with waterproofing […]

New Cottage construction update 9.25.20

You can see Rom testing the stability of the building. It didn’t move so I guess it is okay. Then we had a bunch of people climb on the roof, they danced the hip-hop and it did not cave in. So that’s a thumbs up! No work was done inside […]

New Cottage construction update 9.18.20

Something that you cannot see in these photos are the work on plumbing, mechanical and electrical that was completed in this phase and passed the city inspectors’ scrutiny. On the roof you can see that roof tiles are stacked and will be laid out this coming week. Our four-leaf doors […]

New Cottage construction update 8.28.20

The House of the Philippines Board of Directors, Fundraising Committee and Design Committee were on site today to check the progress of construction. A great deal was done this week. Plumbing, electrical wirings and roofing are in progress.